The Network under the name “Attica Islands Network” was established on 15-07-2016 as a form of local partnership of Attica Islands aiming for the cooperation of the Bodies involved in the preparation and development of the local development strategy and the implementation of the Local Program CLLD 2014- 2020 entitled “Culture & Environment” En Plo”.

Through the implementation of the Local Action Plan CLLD 2014-2020 “Culture & Environment “En Plo” the main aim is to promote, enhance and develop, through a unified design, the peculiarities and local characteristics of each island by organizing the basis for creating differentiated and targeted thematic tourism packages, which will operate distinctly but also complementary.

Information sites, museums, routes and paths, local products and services, as well as individual artistic events, will serve this common understanding, while at the same time they will support each other by summing up a “big” and competitive tourist product, where the sea is the road of communication but also the basis of local and regional development.

Finally, the Attica Islands Network through a series of informative events / consultations in the intervention area, involving local partners, including civil society, public bodies, local economic and social stakeholders, took into account the economic, social, environmental and demographic Challenges – problems faced by the region and designed the new local program, which is summarized in the following key points of intervention:

  • The creation and construction of land improvement infrastructure in order to reduce production costs, increase the quantity produced, but also to improve the quality of the produced agricultural products
  • The upgrading of the attractiveness of the region and the quality of the services offered, so that tourism can contribute to local development, increase employment and improve the quality of life of the citizens, through the diversification of the tourist product and by a holistic approach of tourism, combining the primary and secondary sectors
  • The focus on other non-traditional forms of tourism (Antikythera birdwatching, coastal-marine, diving, pilgrimage – religious, fishing-gastronomic) to potentially increase the number of visitors, to extend the tourist season, but also to Local employment
  • The protection and conservation of protected areas and biodiversity (NATURA 2000, CORINE, landscapes of special natural beauty, flora-fauna) as well as areas of natural wealth (Poros Lemon Tree, Mylos Kythiron, Gerakari Forest, Diabologefiros and Lagoon in Trizinia and special protection zones for the SPA bird and ornithological station)
  • The development and strengthening of the primary sector and the processing industry through the introduction of innovative practices, with emphasis on the quality and safety of local products (extra virgin olive oil “Trizinia”, feta P.D.O Trizinia-Methana, D.O “Aegina Pistachio”, Kythera honey, rare varieties of grapes, citrus fruits, lemons, dairy and livestock products, and finally products of annual crops such as fresh vegetables, wheat, potatoes, outdoor vegetables)

Attica Islands Network, after the Invitation of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food (no. Protocol 1435 / 14-06-2016) to submit proposals for the selection of local development strategies with Local Communities Initiative under the Measure 19 “Support for Local Development through LEADER (TAPTOK-Local Development with Local Initiative Communities of the 2014-2020 RDP and Priority 4 “Increasing employment and territorial cohesion” of the EPAL 2014-2020, submitted on 20/07/2016 the A Folder of the proposal for a local program for the Region of Attica Regional Region.

According to the no. Protocol 1992 / 03-08-2016 Communication of the RDA Special Management Service 2014-2020 on the results of the evaluation of the eligibility criteria of the Invitation A File, Attica Islands Network has been selected during the first phase and may proceed with Submission B until September 16, 2016.

Until now, despite the lack of familiarity with similar programs, interest in the implementation of 30 investment projects has been recorded, while the process is underway. Private proposals mainly concern the secondary sector (manufacturing) and the tertiary sector, and mainly the tourism sector (tourist accommodation, modernization of tourist units, visiting farms).

The issue of the meeting is to inform operators and residents about the continuous recording of investment interest by completing an investment plan registration form and the personalized provision of information and advisory support for maturing projects and actions.

At this stage of designing the new Local CLLD (LEADER) program of P.P 2014-2020, we invite public and private investors to express their investment interest by completing the following forms. In this way, we are given the opportunity to collect information on the investment trends / directions, the amount of them, the field etc. for the designing of the next Program Period, as well as the immediate information of the interested party, in case the investment proposal is in line with the Invitation of Parnonas LAG.