Description Spetses Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded in 1930 and is based in Spetses, Attica. The aim of the Association is to study, protect and promote the common economic, social and professional interests of its members at the service of the community. A further aim is to develop a spirit of cooperation and solidarity between the members in order to promote and solve the problems of their sector. In order to achieve its objectives, the Association cooperates with the local municipal authority, public authorities, local associations and cooperatives as well as with representatives of various social groups and individuals on any matter concerning the professional interests of members in relation to the interests of the wider society, with which they must not collide. The association is non-profit and has the potential to establish community rooms and libraries. It also organizes training programs for its members, develops cooperative relations between federations and associations, publishes brochures concerning the development and commerce of Spetses, publishes promotional brochures through which the area will be promoted through quality services to third parties and participates in GNTO events and in any other public organization’s events in order to promote and enhance the area throughout Greece and abroad.
Address Spetses, PO 18050
Telephone  +30 2298072504