Description The Agricultural Association of Aegina Province was founded in 1983 and has its seat in Aegina. The purpose of the association is:

  • The trade union of farmers
  • Cultivation of class consciousness and the rising of the social, political, economic and cultural awareness of farmers
  • Pursuit of farmers’ representatives’ participation in the state institutions that define the agricultural policy of the country / region.
  • Protection of farmers’ labor and the development and improvement of their agricultural, veterinary, forestry, hunting and fishing production
  • Awareness of the need for existence and operation of socialized means of production to be used by partners together with private ownership for joint or individual farms
  • Creation of socialized cooperative production units (cooperative farms) and their self-management by farmers
  • Establishment of agricultural cooperatives tailored to the needs of the present, covering the whole range of supply-production-processing-disposal of agricultural products
  • Cooperation of trade union organizations of farmers with other organized trade union strata, in order to protect, promote and claim the economic, political and cultural rights of the working people
  • Development and landscaping of Greek villages so that life in them will be viable
  • Attempt to establish big villages or rural areas in which the way of life is no different from the city’s in terms of social, cultural, psychological and educational comforts
  • Efforts for the presence of culture in villages. Community libraries, intellectual and entertainment centers. High schools, nursery schools, kindergartens, fully staffed schools of all levels, fully equipped general hospitals  with medical means and doctors, filling  gaps in public services of the regional centers and regular postal, telephone and bank interconnection of the village.
  • Preservation of National Land by foreign and local monopoly capital.
  • Establishment of second level self-government for better, more efficient, quicker service and resolution of local problems and more direct and active participation of people in the exercise of regional power.
  • Extension of social, medical and hospital care to all rural residents without any prerequisites.
  • Participation in secondary and tertiary trade unions having the same or similar objectives with the association.
Address Kapodistriou29, Lefki Aigina, PO 18010
Telephone  6932654569
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