The Regional Development Company of Parnonas (PARNONAS S.A.) was established on 26.9.1995 (Government Gazette 5854/10.11.95) and took the form of a Company whose main purpose is the economic and cultural development of Parnonas area. With the General Meeting of its shareholders dated 25/5/2007, the Company received the name ” Parnonas Development Company SA “, according to Law 3463/2006” Ratification of the Code of Municipalities and Communities “. The Company as a company of Local Authorities is a Legal Entity of Private Law and is governed by the provisions of Law 3463/2006 (Articles 225, 252, 253, 265 and 268) as well as by the provisions of SA. Of Κ.Ν. 2190/20, as amended and in force, as well as Law 3604/2007 “Revision and amendment of the codified law 2190/1920”

“Concerning Societe Anonyms” and other provisions “.

The aims of the company are:

  • The scientific and technical support of local authorities and their associations and also the support of decentralized state administration.
  • The promotion of entrepreneurial, economic and sustainable development of the Local Authorities as well as of the wider area
  • The development of environmental protection activities
  • The participation in programs and the implementation of relevant policies at inter-municipal level or in a wider geographic area.
Address  Leonidio Arcadia, PO 22300
Telephone  +30 2757022807, 22938