On July 8 2016, the Non-profit Civil Company was established under the name “NETWORK FOR THE COOPERATION OF MUNICIPALITIES OF THE REGIONAL UNIT OF   ATTICA ISLANDS”. The network consists of:

8 municipalities:

  1. Agistri Municipality
  2. The Municipality of Aegina Island
  3. Kythira Municipality
  4. Poros Municipality
  5. Salamina Municipality
  6. Spetses Municipality
  7. Trizinia – Methana Municipality
  8. Municipality of Hydra

1 Development Company:

  1. Regional Development Company of Parnonas. (PARNONAS S.A.)

11 Social Actors:

  1. Νon-profit organization Hellenic Wildlife Hospital
  2. Agricultural Association of Aegina Province
  3. Megalohori Landscape and Sports Association “ARSINOI”
  4. Association“ Friends of Fistiki Fest “
  5. Social Cooperative Association “SALAMINA RECYCLING”
  6. Social Cooperative Association «EKFRASIS»
  7. Association of Professional Fishermen of Kythira “MYRTIDIOTISSA”
  8. Spetses Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  9. Professional Association “Hotel and Tourist Association of Ag. Pelagia Kythira”
  10. Galatas Cultural Association “Friends of Tradition”
  11. Νon-profit organization ” Network of the Insular Chamber Of Commerce and Industry of the European Union”



The purpose of the civil Association is social and developmental and in no case it is considered as profit / commercial. The Company focuses its activities on the Region of Attica Islands Regional Unity. The purpose of the Company is to develop international networking partnerships with other island regions as well as with other areas for integrated rural and urban development in accordance with articles 219 and 220 of the CMC. To serve its purpose, the Company will become a Local Action Group to prepare, develop a local development strategy and implement European programs and community funding, including the Local Program CLLD 2014-2020 of the Rural Development Program. The Company will be a “central gateway” for potential beneficiaries in the Attica Islands and will provide the opportunity for comprehensive and simplified on-the-spot information and management of European and Community funding opportunities, through Measure 19 of the Rural Development Program, the National Compact 2014-2020 and Priority 4 of the Operational Program for Fisheries and Sea 2014-2020.


Network Objectives

  1. Development of international partnerships among the network and other island regions as well as with areas, for integrated rural and urban development in accordance with the Articles 219 and 220 of the CCP.

  2. The design and implementation of local and regional development strategies in an integrated and multidisciplinary manner, taking into account the development policies of the country, the Region (eg ROP- Regional Strategy of Smart Specialization) and the Operational Plans of the Municipalities of the Region of Attica in the Region of Attica.

  3. Supporting rural development (agriculture, livestock farming, fisheries, forestry, and promotion of agricultural products), sustainable tourism development and the strengthening of infrastructures and services, supporting employment and entrepreneurship, implementing “intangible” interventions in relation to networking, co-ordination and organization of actions in order to stimulate the local population and the development skills of local actors in intervention areas.

  4. Development of cooperative actions, combining a number of EAFRD sub-measures, projects and actions in the context of the eligibility of Reg. (EU) 1305/2014, as well as actions from the EMFF, the ESF and the ERDF (in the case of a multi-funding approach) and Articles 32-35 of the Regulation (EC) 1303/2013 in relation to the Strategic Environmental Assessment of ROP Attica 2014-2020.

  5. Achieving integrated, long-term and sustainable growth including combating poverty in the countryside, creating jobs and improving quality of life.

  6. Planning and implementing actions, seeking funding through development programs, European programs and community funding as well as collective contributions, and investigating revenue generation from procuring and promoting services.

  7. Enhancing competitiveness, protecting the environment and supporting knowledge according to the mix of selected interventions of the local strategy and contributing to the achievement of transversal objectives for innovation and the environment.


The Attica Islands Network will seek to:

  1. The development of collaborations (a) between the Local Authorities Of the Regional Unity of Attica Islands and (b) among the Local Authorities of the Regional Unity of Attica Region and other 1st and 2nd grade Greek and European local authorities in various areas of common interest, such as: the protection and management of the marine environment, the natural environment, water resources, the historical and cultural heritage.

  2. The development of joint actions concerning port infrastructure, development of maritime transport, tourism and, in general, economic and social development issues.

  3. The design and implementation of other European programs (indicatively referring to LIFE, INTERREG, URBAN, HORIZON, etc.).